First Federal Division Past Commanders

Brig. Gen. Bob Minton
Commanding the Division (2014-2018)

Brigadier General Minton has been reenacting for 22 years. General Minton brings a wide variety of experiences to the position. He started with the 4th Michigan/12th South Carolina in 1992. Upon moving, he joined the 14th OVI/3rd Arkansas located in NW Ohio in the late 1990's. Bob captained that group for a number of years and also spent time as Major of the Independent Guard Confederate Battalion. In the mid-2000's, he was elected as Lt. Colonel of the Army of the Ohio. General Minton rose to Colonel of the Army of the Ohio in 2008 and has retained that position through 2013.

The General had the honor of commanding the entire Union Army at the BGA 150th Gettysburg event in 2013. He has commanded a variety of other regional and state events including the 150th McDowell, as well as the two largest events in Ohio at Hale Farm and Zoar. Bob and the Army of the Ohio have done a large number of events in both the eastern and western theaters allowing him to bring a wide range of contacts to his new position. 

One of General Minton’s passions is Civil War Preservation. Starting with the 14th OVI/3rd Arkansas and continuing with the Army of the Ohio, his groups have now raised over $100,000 for various preservation causes including adopting four (4) of Ohio's Civil War battle flags, numerous significant donations to both the Civil War Trust and the Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island Civil War Prison (FDJI), as well as many smaller donations.  Bob is a trustee of FDJI and also serves on Ohio's Civil War 150 Committee formed by the Governor to coordinate Ohio's remembrance of the Civil War.

The General is married to his lovely wife of over 18 years, Sally. They reside in Fostoria, NW Ohio. He has a daughter Kim, also of Fostoria. Kim has two daughters for the general to spoil. His son Josh is currently a 1st Lt. in the US Army. When he's not reenacting, Bob enjoys college football, soccer, hunting, reading American history and being outside.

Brig. Gen. Terry Crowder
Commanding the Division (2010-2013)

General Crowder lead us into a new age of fighting, which was more for the soldier than we have ever seen. He heard the words of our Division's men and provided us with sound, inclusive events. He is an outstanding, hard-charging leader with many years of experience behind him, and kept the Division strong and moving forward. General Crowder deeply believes in this Division and the men in in it and he supported and fought for them.

Brig. Gen. Steve Dunfee
Commanding the Division (2008-2009)

General Dunfee has had a long and illustrious career as a soldier, a public servant, and a living historian.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Steve grew up in Tucson, Arizona. After graduating High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served with the H Co., 3d U.S. Infantry, "The Old Guard," where he was assigned ceremonial duty at Arlington National Cemetery. Steve served three years of active duty followed by three years in the Reserve. The Old Guard, among its myriad of duties and specialties, is the US Army’s official ceremonial unit and escort to the President. Steve’s assignments, in addition to infantry and combat training, included 18th Century parade drill and being a drill instructor for Von Steuben’s Manual, Unit Historian, various VIP dignitary details, Assistant Section Leader, and special assignment to the Fife and Drum Corps as both a drummer and fifer/soloist.

After discharge from the Army, Steve joined the Tucson Police Department where he served for 20 years, making the grade of Detective and serving on many special task Forces before recently retiring. Steve has also worked in the business world, teaching Leadership, Ethics, and training entrepreneurs as a Senior Vice President for a subsidiary of a Dow Jones 30 company.

Since 1991, Steve has published a catalog "Specializing in Personal Items of the Civil War Period" for personal collectors and museums. Many of his customers are also Living Historians. In 1997 he began the production of museum quality reproduction personal items and museum quality period packaging and labeling.

Steve is a life member of the Old Guard Association. A member of every generation of Steve’s family has served in the US military from the Revolutionary War to the present with 28 known descendants serving the Union forces during the Civil War. He was proud to continue that tradition and did so in their honor. He is a Christian Soldier, and a private in the Army of the Lord!

Steve and his wife Laura, who have been happily married for 30 years, recently relocated to Fort Scott, Kansas where they purchased an 1850s farmhouse that has significant history, and which they are spending much time restoring.

Steve began his Reenacting/Living History endeavors in 1967. His first public activity was as at the dedication of the John C. Fremont house in Tucson. He started out at a tender age as a field musician playing fife, drum, or bugle as needed. As soon as he was old enough to shoulder a musket, he was in the ranks.

Over the past 40 years he has served in and/or founded various units including the 8th US Infantry, 5th US Cavalry, 5th CA Vols., and A Co., 1st Bat., US Marines. In the mid 1970s Steve joined the newly formed 23rd SNY of the Arizona Civil War Institute. During the 125th Anniversary events he served primarily as Orderly 1st Sergeant, then was then elected as Captain.

Steve and Dom Dal Bello soon met and endeavored to form a far-western battalion for regional and larger events. As a result, in 1991 the Army of the Pacific was born! Their goal then as it has been ever since was to simply provide the best environment to allow soldiers to have the living history/military experiences they desire and deserve. To that end, in addition to field command duties, now Lt. Colonel Dunfee took on creating the living history experience of the men of the army through the development, provision and forming of staff, to developing the production of the full field commissary, field sutlery, mail calls, payrolls, , creating the School of the officer, School of the NCO, parade and drill, & logistics transport.

The AoP subsequently became a member brigade of the 1st Federal Division. Lieutenant Colonel Dunfee continued to serve with the AOP until accepting promotion to serve as the new commander of the Division.


Brig. Gen. Mark Dolive
Commanding the Division (2002-2007)

Since 1991 General Dolive, a native Texan, has been wearing Union Blue and falling in with the Infantry.  Prior to that he wore Secesh Gray and attended most 125th anniversary events, first with the artillery and later with the infantry.  As there was little Union Infantry in Texas and 'seeing the light,' he and 8 good men built an organization consisting of three infantry companies peaking out at 120 men on the 1999 roster. 

Mark served as Adjutant and XO of the Frontier Battalion, Infantry Commander and later Colonel of the Frontier Brigade.  He was present at the inception of the North South Alliance, the Frontier Battalion/Brigade, the Western Federal Council, and the 1st Federal Division.  He served as a Brigade Commander at both Shiloh (holding the highest and driest ground on the site) and Perryville.

Mark is the Assistant Director of the Weatherford College Library, a member of the North American Vexillological Association (study of flags), and the Company of Military Historians. When he's not making various regimental flags, he plays a B flat baritone horn in the period Frontier Brigade Brass Band.  As a long time researcher of the antebellum Frontier Army he holds membership in both the 13th U.S. and 1st U.S. Regular Infantry, and does a little rev-war British Marine on the side.

Mark retired from command at Mill Springs in 2007 and will take a break from the hobby before assuredly returning to grace us with his presence soon!

The General was born in Mesquite, Texas and currently resides in Fort Worth with his wife Christie.


Brig. Gen. Chuck Warnick
Commanding the Division (1999-2002)

General Warnick has been involved in reenacting since 1981. He started his reenacting career by briefly serving as an artilleryman. He then joined the 14th Indiana Volunteer Infantry – E Company, rising to serve as orderly sergeant. He also served with the 7th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, training as a mounted cavalry trooper and trained to serve as a driver for horse artillery. Col. Warnick is also a founding member of the 5th Indiana Independent Light Artillery and continues to serve with the battery boys. He also served as Orderly Sergeant and Captain of the 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry – A Company.

General Warnick served as the bylaws chairman and first executive officer of the Western Brigade at its founding in 1988. He later served four elected terms as the third Colonel and Field Commander. In that post, he took an active part in the formation of the North/South Alliance and served as co-chairman for many years. He took part in the planning of many of the 125th Anniversary events in the Western Theatre. He also has served as the Executive Agent and Secretary-Treasurer for the Western Brigade.

General Warnick took command of the FFD for the first time at Gettysburg in 1999. He retired from division command at the Perryville 2002 event, moving back to the ranks with his pards in the battery.

General Warnick was born in Flora, Indiana and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky.


Brig. Gen. Ed Pettit
Commanding the Division (1998)

General Pettit had many years in the saddle as a trooper, non-commissioned officer, officer, and commander — primarily in the cavalry. He served for many years as a member of the 7th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry. He was a founding member and commander of the 10th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry US.

General Pettit was chosen as the first commander of the First Federal Division when it was formed in 1998. He oversaw the migration of the Federal role in the North-South Alliance from the Western Brigade to the First Federal Division, making the transition smooth and effective. He commanded the first Raymond Campaign event as the capstone of his service, and moved into semi-retirement.

General Pettit passed away in January of 2010. We mourn his passing and honor his memory.