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150th Anniversary Cycle
FFD-Sponsored Events

The First Federal Division is a joint venture between the Frontier Brigade, Army of the Ohio, US Muddy River Battalion, US Territorial Battalion, Western Artillery Reserves, Division Cavalry Brigade and Minty's Cavalry Brigade. The First Federal Division provides a field commander and a headquarters staff for these seven organizations at regional and national events.

The First Federal Division in cooperation with Cleburne's Division plans and executes a long-range calendar for National-Level reenactments in the West, assuming a leadership role for successful reenacting campaigns.

For current information and news regarding upcoming 2012-2015 First Federal Division events please click 'News and Events.'

For lists of past events and commanders, please click 'History.'

Organizations outside the First Federal Division, which portray Federal troops, will be welcome to attend and participate, subject to our expectations of cooperation.

Independent infantry battalions of 60 muskets or more are welcome to discuss direct affiliation with the Division. Contact Colonel Bernie Biederman, Chief of Staff (see Contact page for email address). Decisions regarding formal affiliation rest with the Board of Directors of the First Federal Division.